Promoting the GREENUS Project at the Exhibition

Written by : Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dương - Post date : 29/11/2022
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On 11 November 2022, in order to promote the project visibility among academic and industry community as well as raising people’s awareness of waste classification and recycling, the GREENUS Team at HCMUT registered for one booth at the Exhibition of the International Symposium on University – Industry Linkage. The symposium attracted more than 150 participants including representatives from the companies, lecturers and students from from Viet Nam and other countries.

At the Exhibition, the GREENUS Team presented the GREENUS project to the participants as well as explaining the main objectives and work packages of the project, especially introduced the concept of Eco-campus pilot project.

The project members also prepared and invited the visitors to play the “Bin it right” game. Seven trash bins were sticked with different labels of wastes e.g. Recylce Aluminium, Recycle Plastics, Recycle Papers, Recyle Glass Bottle, Food Waste, Hazardous Waste and Other waste. Players were presented 15 balls, each of which were labelled with a specific waste type. The game’s rule was that the player was standing 2 metres away from the trash bins, throwing the waste-labelled balls into the bin. Those who could sort the right type of waste and accurately throw each of  the 15 balls into proper bins would receive the project’s gifts. The game was fun and a great way to help participants to learn how to classify wastes.

At the exhibition, 6 student groups of Action Team also displayed the posters of their projects on waste mamagement and recycling as well as presenting their ideas to the booth visitors.

A lot of GREENUS promotional materials were distributed to all visitors to the booth to raise their awareness of waste management situation and encourage them to join hands to protect the environment.

Some photos taken at the GREENUS Booth are as follows:

The GREENUS Team at HCMUT is preparing for the project booth

Prof. Nguyen Nhat Huy is introducing the GREENUS Project to a lecturer of Ly Tu Trong College

Prof. Vo Le Phu is taking a photo with a visitor from Saigon Green Company

Two visitors are reading about the GREENUS Project and waste classfification

The Team is presenting GREENUS Project to a reporter from The Voice of Ho Chi Minh City People

A foreign visitor is taking pphotos at the GREENUS Booth

The GREENUS Team is taking photos with HCMUT lecturers and staff from Arizona State University, the US

Staff of Portcoast Company is play the “Bin it right” game

A HCMUT lecturer is playing the “Bin it right” game

A HCMUT student is introducing about her recycle project


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Promoting the GREENUS Project at the Exhibition

On 11 November 2022, in order to promote the project visibility among academic and industry ...

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