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As part of the TACTIC project activities implemented, Administration management and Student Enrollment Training Module Preliminary Programme took place at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology from 29 -30 March, 2017. 

The training module was developed and delivered by the two experts as trainers from Tallinn University of Technology (i.e. Ms. Kadri-Ann Matson and Ms. Keit Kiissel both from International Student Recruitment and Admission Division) with the participations of three staff from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) and two ones from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT).

During the two day training, the staff as trainees were introduced about a glance of Estonia and Estonian Higher Education taking Tallinn University of Technology as an example so that the trainees could see the whole picture about facts and figures, how the university is organized structurally and how work is divided among departments.

The training program was followed up by the session of marketing and student recruitment. This session helped trainees come up with the ideas about how this process is organized and put into practice. The process involves recruitment process, marketing plan and strategic choices, marketing channels, international student recruitment, measuring marketing activities; thus enable trainees to compare and learn best practices and experiences of Tallinn University of Technology.

The effectiveness of the marketing and student recruitment would be reviewed and measured by the admission and student enrolment result (for both local and international students). This process is supported and facilitated by management information system in regards to application systems and databases, data management and staff responsibilities entrusted. As a result, the best practices and experiences of Tallinn University of Technology could be shared. Furthermore, taking care of student needs like accommodation is not less important. The trainees were therefore also introduced about how on campus and off campus student housing for local and international students are arranged and managed at Tallinn University of Technology. 

The second day of training session started off services for freshmen (i.e. orientation days for newly arrived students). The trainees were also provided with how academic consultation during the student studies is managed at Tallinn University of Technology. Accordingly, faculty level would provide these services regarding study guidance, course registration, timetables, academic leaves and so on.

The student management is based on students databases given electronic study information system and user based approach involving student, faculty and administrative accounts. The international exchange students are also part of this process. The trainees were therefore provided with how this was processed and managed. At the same time, the trainees were also introduced about other services Tallinn University of Technology have had for students in needs regarding career, internship and psychological counseling, special need counseling and tutoring.  


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