A doctoral degree researcher at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology has had 21 international publications and 07 scientific research-related awards.

Written by : quantri - Post date : 09/04/2021
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A doctoral degree researcher at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology has had 21 international publications and 07 scientific research-related awards.

Pham Quoc Hau, a doctoral degree researcher in Chemical Engineering at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), has had outstanding academic achievements, particularly 21 international publications, speakers at 04 international conferences, and 07 scientific research related awards domestically and internationally. 


Pham Quoc Hau is a Vingroup scholarship recipient under the name “Vingroup Innovation fund.”


Four years for 21 international publications and 07 scientific research related awards 

Such an outstanding achievement is a result of his articles published in international scientific journals. As a rule, a researcher must have at least 02 articles published in scientific research journals to offer a doctoral degree. Noticeably, the State Council for Professor title must recognize these journals. Against this backdrop, Pham Quoc Hau is an author of up to 21 articles internationally published. More interestingly, over 16 of these publications have IF greater than three. Notably, there was one article with IF reaching 5,721 studying new material has gained global popularity. 

He has also gained several scientific research awards, such as Best Paper Award at International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Green Technology 2019 in Thailand; doctoral degree fellowship sponsored by Vingroup Innovation Fund in 2019 and 2020; the third prize in Technology Innovation Contest in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017 and 2018; consolation prize in the 15th National Technology Innovation Contest; certificate of merit for excellent scientific research project completed in the Youth Science and Technology Incubator program period 2017 – 2018; one of the ten young Asians funded by the Asian Development Bank to attend the Asian Clean Energy Forum 2019 in the Philippines and so on. In 2019, he received 100 million VND from the Scientific Research Support Policy for master’s and doctoral degree researchers at the University. 

The application of Clean sources for the environment as his research interest.

His research direction is to synthesize nano catalytic materials for oxidation/ reduction reactions in fuel cells operating at low temperatures. A fuel cell is a battery that does not need recharging after each use can run continuously (as long as the fuel – hydrogen/ alcohol and oxygen are non-stop introduced) with virtually negligible pollution emissions being a friendly environment. Fuel cells, therefore, are potential for future energy technologies reducing dependence on fossil fuels and dealing with current climate change issues.

To extend the application of fuel cells in daily life, issues such as reducing costs, improving the durability and activity of current commercial Pt/C catalysts need addressing. Inspired by this idea, he has undergone the synthesis of catalytic materials with higher strength and catalytic activity. 

Researcher Pham Quoc Hau giving his presentation at a Scientific Committee 

Scientific Research Experiences from a young researcher 

From his scientific research experiences at HCMUT, Quoc Hau believes that planning and proper time allocation for course attendance and research activities are vital. Furthermore, it is necessary to discuss any problem incurred during the research undertaking with professors to learn their experience and knowledge on how to solve these issues. Also, referring to available scientific articles is an excellent way to get the latest information on the field. Besides, it is exchanging new ideas for the research with research team members to find out appropriate research methodologies.     

In terms of his decision to do a doctoral degree at HCMUT, he believes that he can have a precious chance to interact and work with elite professors and supervisors, besides modern labs. HCMUT is one of the most prestigious technology institutions in Vietnam with a long tradition of training highly qualified human resources, where he can undergo in-depth analysis methods. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Truong Son – Vice Director of Institute of Sustainable Energy and professor at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at HCMUT gave his comments on Hau as a supervisor: Hau is an active man, having high independence, and good thinking. Completing his doctoral degree program as a starting point added to his accumulative valuable experiences in research activities will help Hau deepen his knowledge, train bravery as a scientist, and improve teaching quality. 

As planned, Pham Quoc Hau will have completed his doctoral degree program by next year. He reveals he will pursue a teaching profession, continuing his in-depth study on catalytic materials for fuel cells. At the same time, he will expand research directions to apply materials in other fields as photocatalyst.

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