Seminar on Virtual Reality in Design

Written by : quantri - Post date : 29-05-2017
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Seminar on Virtual Reality in Design

On the morning of May 12nd at A4 meeting hall- HCMUT, a seminar on virtual reality in design was organized by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in cooperation with BK- Inventor club and Viet cad Company (Autodesk representative in Vietnam). 

The seminar attract lecturers and students to participate. 

Normally, virtual worlds usually exist only in games, movies, social networks, … the world isn’t real. But in engineering design, production or in construction, it’s real. Virtual reality technology is 4 in 1 high-tech Priority. List technologies: IoT Internet Technology connector (IoT), Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Smart radio technology, 3D Printing technology (3D), …

Prof. Tran Dai Nguyen – Vice Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has spoken at the seminar

At the seminar, students were introduced to new features in Autodesk Inventor 2018; the foundation for Fusion 360’s product development; the trend of virtual reality applications in design. In addition, students also guided in virtual reality technology with Autodesk and HTC Vive glasses by Vietcad experts.

The workshop aims to create an environment for exchanging knowledge and experiences of the mechanical design field and Inventor software, building an Autodesk user community in Vietnam and promoting and developing the BK- Inventor. Many students have good questions, and interact directly with experts in the seminar. This is a very useful program for mechanical engineering students, which will help them to improve the skills of software design. 

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Seminar on Virtual Reality in Design

On the morning of May 12nd at A4 meeting hall- HCMUT, a seminar on virtual reality in design was ...

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